Touch Dimming Desk Light Solution

BS83B08A-3 + HT7L4091-1 + HT7465



  • Up to 8 touch switches input, internal EEPROM

  • Requires few external components and high anti-interference capability

  • Roller touch operation with 6-stage brightness adjustment

  • DC power output, no flickering

  • Low power consumption and high brightness LED lighting

  • Column swivels with an angle of 90 degree for flexible adjustment

  • Base provides a USB interface as a charging station.

Block Diagram

Application Circuit

BS84B06A-3 + HT7150-1



  • DC 15V/1A input and internal PWM buck driver

  • 6-stage LED brightness with maximum output of 4.55W

  • Internal touch key and touch slider function

  • PWM dimming function and continuous stable brightness output

  • LED output constant function

  • Over-voltage/Over-current Protection

Block Diagram

Application Circuit